Power Quality Voltage data exports of 30 days +

Is this data export available for the voltage profiles? I can only download the max/min voltages. I would like to download the last 30+ days of 15min or hourly voltage data…


@smbye1, not today. The only exported data for Sense Labs analysis (Motor Stalls, Power Quality, and Floating Neutral) are the actual “error events”. Good suggestion though.

Sense does give you the graph for both legs for a previous 24 hours period which accomplishes something similar to what you are asking for.

Will this or can this feature be added?? Sooner the better…


@smbye11 Since this has been requested once or twice elsewhere, i’ve moved this to the Product Wishlist forum so other people can upvote it. We consistently reference the most upvoted/liked product wishlist threads when gauging prioritization for new features or additions to existing ones.