Power Quality Voltage Plot -- Skip to Specific Date / More Insightful Plot

I suggest adding a way to jump directly to the voltage plot for a specific date on the Power Quality page. Just saw I had 335 dips or spikes in the last 30 days. The CSV export (plotted below) shows most of these occurred on back on July 6th and 7th. I’d like to see the voltage plots for these dates, but navigating to them by clicking ‘Previous’ and waiting for the prior day’s plot to load nearly 30 times is cumbersome.

I like the idea mentioned here regarding an interactive, scrollable voltage graph similar to the Power Meter. I’ll go a step further and suggest an interactive plot that overlays the power usage (possibly split by main?) and voltage usage on each main. Maybe even include the tags sometimes seen on the Power Meter that identify the device responsible for any notable changes in power consumption. I know this may seem like pretty advanced functionality for a lab function, but I feel like the Power Quality lab really needs a way to provide insights into the source of the problem and point the user in the right direction towards improving their power quality. Being aware of Power Quality issues is good, but assistance in correcting them is even better.