Power Quality Issues Detection Time Windows

Just wanted to document the time horizons that the Sense Labs Power Quality detectors use to flag / log issues, since both answers were raised recently. There are two:

  • Sustained - Highest and lowest 7 second moving average on each leg over the past 30 days. These values, along with the current leg voltages are shown next to, or just below the voltage waveforms.
  • Instantaneous - All 1 second moving average voltage events above or below +/- 10% of the 120V nominal. Based on what I have measured, and @JuliaAtSense notes, Sense uses an absolute 108V floor and a 132V ceiling, rather than basing it on your nominal average. The most recent instantaneous issues are listed below the Power Quality graph along with a summary of all events over the past 30 days. You can download all logged events via the CSV download icon. Based on data coming out of Sense, the Power Quality detector can spot several 1 second violations on the same leg within a single second.