Power Quality - Slight Different in Event Flagging between two Sense Units

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I have two Sense units, one configured with the mains CTs on my 400A main and another pair on my solar backfeed breaker (Normal Unit) and another that has a CTs on the each of my two 200A sub panels (Dual Unit). The Dual unit is picking up one more event than the Normal Unit - The Normal Unit seems to miss a dip on L2.

Screenshots from Sense Lab

From Normal

From Dual

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The 8/14 5:12PM on Dual is a dip though, no? The (relative to L1) L2 spike voltage is in-range.
I think I’m missing something. What’s the voltage difference between phases that Sense is triggering at?

Don’t you love redundancy! If we were all twins and not-twins we would have answered nature over nurture centuries ago.

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