Power Quality Tool - Saved me some serious $$$. One issue/glitch?

Hi @wyblea

This story is fantastic, and I will use it internally as an example of the important power quality has for users when discussing features and how to improve them!

With that, it is a Sense labs feature, labs essentially being a synonym for experimental and therefore can have issues.

I posted about it here: Power Quality Chart - not up-dating - Nov 2022 - #79 by JamesDrewAtSense.

Generally speaking, we are shooting for 72 hours of lag between real-time updates. That means we need to know if the last power quality graph is older than 2-3 days old so we can work on properly updating the graphs.

The way I generally know the power quality graph is behind is because a user tells me, as it doesn’t always happen to every user every time.

If you find your power quality graphs are pretty out of date, nearing the end of this week, let me know, and I’ll look into it.

Thanks again!

Cc @JuliaAtSense @kevin1