Power Use Not Showing Up

I’d get advise from support and your electrician about putting sense with another item… the biggest issue would be getting the wire to hold since the Sense wires are smaller than anything you should have on those breakers… for my point of view, I’d advise to add with the 90amp to the garage sub panel (less chance of tripping or overpowering)… but talk to support… putting it there may not read/scan right… the CTs do part of the work, but there is some work done through the power leads… that’s why they want it on 240v… (but like I said, ASK SUPPORT and ASK ELECTRICIAN)

I would suggest the antenna coming out the bottom of your box… in this conversation, I show pics of my setup: Let's see your setup

coming out the bottom with antenna should eliminate issues with corrosion or water…

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