Problem staying logged in to 2 accounts simultaneously

Maybe I’m just woefully lacking in my browser skills but I’ll ask anyway.

I have 2 units, separate accounts, different email addresses for each. I open 2 Chrome windows, split screen and switch between the two windows but I need to keep logging in. I’ll try the Chrome + IE solution if needed. Do I need to?

I read similar threads but I’m not sure it answered my question.


you can use Chrome, but open one of the windows in incognito mode or as another user in chrome. Multiple windows using the same “Chrome” user will share login cookies and active site sessions which is what is causing you to not be able to keep both accounts logged in at once. This is a “this is how the web works” issue, not a Sense issue.


We recommend using two separate browsers for the multiple account log-ins - incognito mode doesn’t always seem to work here.

You can use two chrome profiles/accounts at the same time - no need to use two different browsers, like Chrome and Edge/Firefox:

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