Put that computer to sleep!

I have been working from home since the lockdown. My desktop computer was always set to never go to sleep, because I often needed to connect remotely (e.g. chrome remote desktop). Somehow I failed to realize that this is no longer necessary if I am working exclusively from home! Last week I finally allowed to to go to sleep during non-use and my “always on” dropped 36%!


According to my HS300, the PC was using 60+W in “standby” (Ryzen1700), quite significant.

(My “always on” is still relatively high (8x 4k camera security system, cable box, router, photoframe, switches, etc.) but my solar has been always overproducing and I have a huge credit balance at the utility so it does not make a real difference.)


This is awesome to see - I actually noticed the same thing in my home.
I was leaving my PC (GTX 1070 TI) on in Standby nightly until I had it on the HS300 and saw it was using around ~50-60W while in standby. Great job, @altenbach!

This is also a great story for Sense Saves. If you have a moment, we’d love if you could add your story here: https://sensesaves.sense.com/.

I’ve been turning off the power strip to my laptop and other desk devices and got the 25% drop message. I don’t have the incredible >100W that some users in here have but I’ve gotten down in the 200s since I started using sense.

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I’ve had my Sense running for one week now, and it shows ‘Always On @ 383 W’ … and this, without the fridges and other major appliances … That seems rather high.

The devices that are always on are 7× Wyze Cams, few chargers that are always plugged in, 40× smart switches/outlets, and few other electronics (network drive, game console, …)

Any thoughts as to what that could be pulling 383W (not identified yet)?

Set your Power Meter for Day and see if you can scan for the lowest usage over your past 48 hours. That will give you an idea of what might be adding up to 383W or so. There are some cases where having a few devices that don’t run all the time, but run for long periods and overlap with one another, could also keep your Always On higher than you expect.

Or you can try this: