Home Standby Power Consumption

I was wondering what a good or average ”away” or standby score/consumption amount would be.

I’m shocked to see mine this low, knowing all of the devices I have powered, along with the ghost current devices we leave plugged in.


Some time after install, your Always On Stats (look there for comparison with other Sense users in your area) will start to better reflect your “current ghosts”. Things can take time to settle, especially if you are moving devices around or installing new devices.

As far as “away” usage: If your networking gear (to have Sense online at least!) and fridges/freezers are on and you shutdown everything else, you can probably do a quick calculation of what to expect that wattage should be. 200-400W seems to be about average for “Always On” but if you can actually switch things off and unplug leeches then you can probably reduce that.


Right out of the gate (installed yesterday) I’m sitting at 186W with everything in its normal static state, so I’m pleased.
I’m going to see what difference is made tomorrow if I turn some things off instead of having them in standby.

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I went through the house and I’ve dropped my ”Always On,” I think, to my absolute minimum.
We’ll see in a few more days.

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If you navigate to your Always On ‘device’ in the Devices list (or just tap the Always On bubble), you can see the average AO for other homes in your area.