Question about "always on" solved

Trying to get my head completely around this. The always on takes a average over the last 48 hours, correct? But does it take into account already discovered devices? For example, if sense had identified some lights, and they acidentally get left on for a day or two, do they get added to my always on section? If so, is there any way to distinguish those lights from the rest of the always on section?


Two important things to know about Always On.

  • It is a numerical calculation that is independent of detected device power usage. That means leaving a light on for 48 hours or so, detected or not, will raise your Always On.
  • It is not an average - closer to a minimum reading over 48 hours. It’s actually the 1% bin where 99% of the readings over 48 hours are larger and 1% are smaller.
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Thank you for the link and the synopsis! Exactly what I was after.

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