Range Hood Survey & Pics


  • Vent-less
  • Roof Vent
  • Soffit Vent
  • Wall Vent

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Finishing our kitchen remodel…
Imma reluctant to do a roof vent because I’m planning for solar.
I’m reluctant to do vent-less, but there’s pros and cons to each option. I’d like to vent through the wall or soffit and wonder if that’s gonna make a weird mess on the exterior wall or soffit over time…
Our range is on an exterior wall, our exterior wood deck is on the other side
How did you vent your range hood?
Also, please attach a pic of your range hood in your kitchen…


I choose soffit, it vents into a space above the kitchen that would vent via soffit. This space is a small area above kitchen.


Venting into an interior space like that really isn’t a good idea. It can lead to mold and other long term issues.


I have two things going for me…

  1. This is a really large space that extends above a 3 car garage

  2. it doesn’t get used very often. (You can read into that how ever you want :sob:)


Definitely vent it!
I knew better when I remodeled my kitchen
That venting was needed. I was just trying to
Get it done as I did all the work myself.
It is not vented and I regret it.
As @murray.sean.d mentioned, venting has to
Be to the exterior. Can come out of wall horizontally.


Ours is not vented. Original home builder cheaped out, or original home owner didn’t want to pay for it.

Whatever the reason, it sucks. When we redo our kitchen the replacement will be vented, suffice to say.

In our application, through the wall is the only option. The actual vent itself on the outside of the house need not be huge, it’s basically the same as a dryer vent. If cosmetics are an issue there are some fancy ones that can be had vs the standard tin/plastic models.