Range hood

Hey guys, Sense just detected my Range Hood or extractor hood, it said it was a light but after testing I figure out it was the hood, the question here is what category you guys use for the hood I’ve being looking on the list of appliances and there’s nothing like that in there neither on electronics. I know crowdsource information is useful to Sense so I want to make sure I categorize the items on the right bucket.

Any help will be apreciated it.



Log me as voting this up … yes, please add Range Hood … not that Sense has found mine but I’m about to Wemo it.

I think I noticed Air Purifier was just added to the list while I am considering adding an ERV/HRV to my apartment … which made me wonder: If the devices are in the list maybe it makes the Community think “Hey, what’s that? Maybe I need one of those!”

I categorized mine as a fan. It seemed to make the most sense, albeit not an exact descriptor.

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Well, the only parts of a range hood that draw power ARE a fan (actually, blower) and one or more light bulbs. So, fan is at least partly complete.

Although mine runs many times a day, Sense hasn’t found either the blower or the bulbs.

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Thank you guys , I’ve set up up as a fan.

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I was honestly surprised when Sense picked mine up. I don’t use it that often; I use my bathroom fan more frequently since it goes on with the lights and that hasn’t been detected (likely, because it goes on at exactly the same time as the lights).

Same here I don’t use it that much either and have 3 bathrooms all with extractor that are in use way more however sense has not detected either of those fans.