Real time utilities


I put my utilities for HS-110(Kasa), Sense, and Wemo on github.


Arrrgh. Looks like you can’t readily download the jar files, etc. from github. It looked like a drag and drop thing. Nope. You just get a link to github.
I put them on Google Drive as well:


Thanks for the Kasa and Sense data sampling code. I tried out the Kasa .jar on my Mac and it worked just fine and handled errors nicely as well. I did have to make a minor fix to your sample .inp file - “MeanWatts” instead of “WattMeans”. Does the .jar use the same socket every time or can I fire up 8 separate instances to watch over 8 different HS-110s ?

No need to answer - just tried and concurrent usage seems to work just fine…


Oops. Missed that.

I have a few tweaks in the works. Today I found a performance issue I want to fix. I don’t know if it will affect you, but I thought I’d give a heads up. If you let it output all the fields it can, running all eight copies, it may monopolize your disk as the I/O is not efficient.

Working on it.


I’ve updated github and Google drive with changes for performance and error recovery and other minor updates.


Thanks !

One more question. When you ask us to specify in the CollectSense.inp file, what number is that ? I’m not sure my “account number” is visible anyplace. I can see my HW serial number and can access my unit number via the python API, but I don’t think either of those are an account number.

ps: I’m probably not going to use because I already have the python API working for my needs, but wanted to just test.


Thanks for taking a look.

Looks like it is an internal id that slipped past me. Try 29603. I’ll hard code it.


Thanks ! FYI - Just as soon as I had your KasaCollector up and running for all 8 of my HS-110s, Sense puts the integration into beta ! That’s twice that I get a user hack working the way I want the same day that Sense puts the capability I really want into Beta…


I haven’t tried the beta yet. I wanted to get the utility updates done first.

I just did another update:
Took out the stupid Account thing. Attempted use of Account will now fail.
Added time zone in timestamp in output files. It was dumb to take it out to accommodate Excel which doesn’t seem to allow time zones of any kind. I provide an example edit to make Excel compatible timestamp.
Fixed up the file rolling to use local timezone boundaries instead of GMT. (Actually rolls at midnight local time now, etc.) Works with daylight savings time change as well.

I have Curb installed now. I just got access to the API, but haven’t looked at it yet. I’ll get to work on it.


Another update. The output file rolling was flawed.