Sense vs. Smartplugs


I’m up on the Wemo now. It was pretty easy. The granularity is also 1 sec, just like the HS-110.

It uses UPnP, but I didn’t bother as I already know its IP and port. Looks like the port is always 49153.

One really bad feature is that the Wemo always disconnects power and leaves it disconnected after an outage. Not good for sump pumps or anything critical. At least it comes back up on wifi.

Shouldn’t take too much to program a message to turn it on periodically, but we shouldn’t have to do that.

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I’m betting that TP-Link HS-110 and Wemo Insight use the same power monitoring chip, although I know they use different WiFi / host chips. Will be interesting to see if they both give the same data results at 1 sec polling.

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HS-110 vs Sense vs Wemo

I got another HS-110. But it was a V1 instead of the V2. I should be getting the V2 soon. The V2 can do 220V, but the chip set is the same. That’s helpful.

With the firmware upgrade to 1.2.5 the HS-100 matches Sense much better, but it still isn’t 100%.

I put the 2 HS-100s on the sump pump and the dehumidifier and switched the Wemo back and forth, piggy backed on the HS-110s.

In the first plot I notice that:
1a. Wemo almost exactly matches Sense for the dehumidifier.
The HS-110 is now down about 25 watts from the Sense/Wemo numbers.
1b. Sense missed when the dehumidifier stopped once, but picked it up when it stopped the next time. In other instances (not shown) Sense comes back down between dehumidifier activities.
1c. It doesn’t notice the drop step where I guess just the fan is running.
1d. It missed all the sump pump activity.

On the second plot with the Wemo on the sump pump, I notice:

2a. The HS-110 is still spot on timing-wise with the sump pump even though I’m collecting on a .5s interval. I’m going to drop the issue of the late reporting by the HS-110 for now. I no longer have any evidence of it.
2b. This time HS-110 and Wemo agree on the wattage while Sense is about 90 watts higher.
2c. Wemo takes a while to ramp up and down. The HS-110 and Sense both nail it.

Pulling the Wemo off the sump pump now before I forget to check it and flood the basement.

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