Wemo insight issue with sense

I’ve reported the problem but i wanted to post here as well just in case someone on here has run into the same issue and already knows how to fix it. I installed my Wemo in my bedroom to monitor my devices on my nightstand and the max usage i saw at any time was 16W so i decided to move the plug to the washing machine and this is where the issue happened. I moved the plug and renamed it in the Wemo app and tried to change the settings in the sense app to report the new device (washing machine) that was now being plugged in. After making these changes the sense app detects the Wemo plug but will only report it as being off. When i manually turn the Wemo plug off and then use the sense app to turn the Wemo plug on the Wemo plug turns on but the app defaults back to off as if nothing happened. The Wemo plug responds and reports the correct state in the Wemo app as well as the Alexa app but not in the sense app.

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Make sure you have the latest firmware update on the Insight. I had a somewhat similar experience with a TP-Link HS110 and it turned out to be that I’d accidentally missed a major firmware update. As soon as I applied it, the issues went away.

I’d also recommend moving to TP-Link hardware moving forward. I’ve been a Wemo user since the very beginning and it’s been my experience that in the last 8-12 months their reliability on several fronts has diminished quite significantly.

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Yeah i did all that and finally got frustrated enough and left it alone all day yesterday and just left it plugged in and finally today sense finally picked it up correctly and i just went and moved it back to the washing machine and went into the setting and renamed it and put in all the correct info for the washing machine. gonna leave it on that now and not move it again. keeping my fingers crossed with the hopes that sense will add the HS300 to its connected devices list because i already have two of those installed in my house and a third one just sitting in the box and ready to be plugged in as well. I also have another 2 HS110’s that are showing up Saturday that i am going to install but haven’t quite figured out what would be the two best things to add to these yet.


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