Wemo Insight issue

Hey everyone,

I just logged a case with support, but I thought I would put this here as well in case anyone has seen something similar:

I am having a problem with one of my Wemo plugs. I went through the setup for the plug (it was a new one) in the Wemo app, thought it didn’t work, so we unplugged it. Then I got a notification that Sense found it and I saw it in the Wemo app. Then, my husband plugged it back in but didn’t realize it was plugged in and “off”. Since that is what he plugged the router into, we lost internet (and we were at work all day so the UPS died). I turned the plug back on, and Sense still has it listed as a device, but now the Wemo app doesn’t know about it anymore. Any suggestions?

I haven’t seen that issue before. Support should be able to help you out or at least log it as a new bug.

Has anyone else seen this with the Wemo specifically?

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