Sense not finding WeMo smart plug

I recently purchased a Belkin WeMo Insight smart plug for evaluation with my Sense. There were no problems linking to the WiFi, updating the firmware, and getting it working with the Wemo App from Belkin. The device (a hanging lamp with five LED bulbs and a dimmer), correctly turns on/off using their App. My next step was to complete the integration with Sense.

I enabled Wemo in the Sense Integration settings. Those instructions read: “Connecting Wemo Insight Smart Plug to a device allows Sense to reliably track that device and its energy usage. It will also give you the ability to turn your device on and off, directly from your Sense app. To get started, simply connect a device to your smart plug and Sense should detect it automatically.”

Since that time (two days ago), the status in Sense settings still reads “Looking for plugs”. I had expected the smart plug device name to appear in the Sense device list by now, but it has not…

That lamp is controlled manually (not with the Wemo App), and is used often.

Are my expectations incorrect? What should I be looking for?

@sbower, your observation is similar to my experience when I first integrated smart plugs with my Sense…it took several days for Sense to discover them. I have no idea why this takes more than a few seconds; it does though.

Even after Sense detects your smart plugs, you may then experience gaps in Sense getting data from them from time to time. Take the poll if you experience this behavior after you see your Sense install working with your smart plugs:

Turn off “network identification” in the Sense App. This often corrects this problem.


That worked! Just a couple minutes after turning off “Network Listening”, Sense found my Wemo Insight smart plug and added it to the list of devices. The status changed from “looking for plugs” to “1 plug found”. Thanks so much for your helpful advice!

Can “Network Listening” now be turned back on, or must it remain disabled?


Usually you can turn it right back on. This bug has been going on for a long time but it’s not hard to flip a switch for a little bit.
This can also happen in reverse where it doesn’t see the device when listening is off and you have to flip it on.
It’s strange

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