Good deal on HS110Kit

B&H Photo has the HS110Kit for $25. So you are getting an HS110 for $12.50
Free shipping over $49 so I bought two two packs.


Thanks for the heads up, I’ve ordered this.

I see on TP Link’s website that the HS110 is “end of life”. I wonder how Sense will be dealing with this so compensate for not being able to detect certain devices in your home, and the HS110 and 300 were the preferred options from what I’ve read…

Seems like the HS110 is in that part of the life-cycle, but not the HS300. Sounds like time to get the HS110s while they are still available.

Oh Frig.

I ordered 2 packs (4 total) of the HS110’s from B&H when I saw them on sale last week, just got them today. I was going to sell 2 of them to recoup some of the cost (they’re hard to find here in Canada and are still $65/each on but now I’m wondering if I should hold onto them for spares.

Hopefully they have another replacement lined up and this is just EOL for this specific model. The only other alternatives are the Wemo insight and not only are they silly expansive, but I had a less than stellar experience with one in the past. Trying to slowly whittle down all my Wemo hardware and switching to TP Link anyways.

I just received my kit. One question I have on these Kasa, what happens if Sense were to natively detect something already behind a smart plug? If I were to put my fridge behind one, would Sense still possibly detect it someday? If so what would happen exactly?

Sense tries not to detect things on a smart-plug, to avoid double counting. But occasionally it can’t help itself. When and if Sense does find your fridge, there is a config item for the smartplug device that lets you connect it with the Sense discovered device. Of if the the numbers are showing enough similarity, you can pull the smart-plug and repurpose, though you will need to go through a full reset of the smart-plug to disassociate it from it’s past history.

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Thanks for that info. What is the proper full reset process of a kasa for when this time comes? I’ve looked through a few threads in the search and the information is a bit hazy… it seems like a good topic for it’s own thread since Sense basically requires smart plugs to capture everything in your house.

Think the section of the thread below tells the most recent story. The big challenge is that Sense, for good reason, seeks to keep around full histories of smartplug devices, so there is no Delete for an individual smartplug device, short of a smart plug disable/enable cycle or a Sense reset that gets rid of smartplug histories. Just realized that the reason that my redeployment worked painlessly for me is that I did a reset last April and only just recently put a couple of repurposed HS110s back into action. Once again, I’m going to make the case for designating on HS110 as a Traveller. Maybe you can try your Traveller on you fridge for a few months, and if Sense never detects, convert it to a full-time fridge smartplug.

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Amazon is sold out now and TP Link’s website says End of Life, the Kasa HS110 may now be discontinued.

Sense needs to qualify new smart plugs it looks like.