Recalls possibly relevant to the Sense community

Some recent (and past) cooling season posts highlight a major benefit of using Sense: device failure detection before & during failure. It seems that in some cases this has saved Sense users from expensive catastrophes.

While Sense is obviously very interested in tracking these failures and notifying for suspicious electrical signatures, I don’t think it would hurt to (carefully) post the occasional product recall that may be relevant to both the community of users, who may own these devices and need to check them (!), and to the Sense team, who may benefit from being made aware of particular device’s failure characteristics.

NOTE: I am not a Sense employee and have no ties to any of the Sense back-end other than being a regular on this forum. I am also not a lawyer. Do not consider any of the posts here to be a call to Sense to preempt particular device issues by sending out notifications. For example, just because you may have entered a recalled product’s model number into your device list should not make you think that Sense should notify you of a recall. They obviously cannot be held liable in any way for such things.

If you do post a recall here, please reference original manufacturer and/or .gov reports primarily versus news stories or otherwise potentially subjective information.

Keep feedback relevant. Use the like feature if you think a particular recall notice is of interest rather than replying with “Good to know”. In some cases it’s probably better to search other threads (e.g. “fail”; “spike”; “weird”), post there, and put a reference here.