Regular pattern for an Other component

I have noticed in the Usage plot a regular 120W on off pattern that I assume is something in the Other category. The on and off states last about 40 seconds, and they seem to be there a lot of the time.

What device(s) would exhibit this behavior. It’s not either of our refrigerators nor hot water.

Here’s another similar but different pattern, at about 175-200W.

I’ve noticed something similar with a heating element that cycles in order to maintain a constant temperature, in our case a heating pad. Could it be something like that?

That’s what I suspect, but I just can’t finger what device is doing that when I see it recorded by Sense. Just like my “Motor1” which only cycles between on and off between 9pm and 11pm, 800-900 watts. I don’t have a clue what it could be. Having a Sense “Library” of previously detected devices and their characteristic signature components would be a useful tool for subscribers.

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