Repetitive Device In Display

Hello I am brand new to the community. My Sense/Solar monitor was installed on October 2, 2020. Having fun so far, but I would like to know why my coffee maker displays as turned off at 9:06, then turned on at 9:11, but then repeats turned off another

3 times at 9:11. I don’t want to waste anyone’s time, but I couldn’t find this by searching. I’ve seen this with another device as well (basement main lights). Thank you.

Yes… I find the device “diary” listings completely useless and meaningless… Not sure if this is associated with the production issue that Sense is currently trying to resolve or not… I am a relative new user, so I don’t know if this ever worked reliably in the past or not…

The things on that list are not predictable or accurate for me. I know that my Coffee Maker turns on in the morning and briefly turns on every 90-120 seconds, and it turns off mid-morning… Yet most of that activity isn’t represented on this list at all.

Likewise, I know that my refrigerator compressor turns on for 30 minutes and rests for an hour, and then repeats itself all night. Yet this does not show up either.

Yet my Refrigerator does show that it turned on five times at 4:15pm…

Also, I turned on my device “basic notifications” for all my devices, but I haven’t received a single push alert in the last week… And I know stuff is turning on and off during the day…

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Upon investigating more, I believe my issue is that the coffeemaker (a Keurig) cycles on and off in order to keep the heating element hot enough to produce the hot beverage since it doesn’t know when it has to produce. Thanks MikeekiM.

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This is correct - Keurigs actively cycle on and off to keep the water at a warm enough temperature for on-demand brewing.

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