Reset Data for Net Zero anniversary?


Installed Sense solar a week ago. I see the app will not keep track of net-zero (what I really purchased Sense for).

However it appears to keep track of consumption and solar production.

Is there some way to reset (zero out) consumption and solar production to coincide with my utility’s net zero anniversary at the end of this month? This way if I use the yearly tab it should give me an idea of how much surplus my system has sent to the utility.

I see that there is a data reset function. But reading the forums it appears to cause issues with the solar production and consumption calibration. Not so much concerned about loosing detected items (only found the fridge so far). But very concerned in loosing the calibration of the solar and mains sensors.

My unit was reading negative mains consumption and it took days and many emails for support to rectify this. The last thing I want to do is have to go through all that crap again!



You shouldn’t need to reset. Give the current state of app and web app, I can see two alternatives for you:

  1. Easy - Go into Settings > Home, and change the “Billing Start Cycle” to the start day of your new net billing year. FYI - Not available today in the web app. Only works on iOS or Android app. Suppose your new day zero starts Feb 20th.

Once you do that, all the Usage charts will show you a monthly summary in terms of the anniversary day of the month, when you select the “Bill” time period (Billing Cycle). You’ll be able to see the total Usage for the offset month that is aligned with your billing.

To see the corresponding solar contribution, click on the Solar item.

Just a matter of copying down the monthly totals and subtracting to get the net metered usage for that offset month, either complete or even partial months.

  1. Harder but more flexible. Use the web app to export power data. An explanation on how to process it Excel to give you cumulative Usage and Production here:
    Sense App and Net Zero KW Credit?


Do either of those routes work for you ??



The Excel route is too complicated for my Wife and I to use, need an automatic way to do it without human intervention.

Set Sense up with your suggestion using the bill start cycle. But that will not allow me to zero out the consumption and solar production for the march 1st start date.

Basically, want the Sense to start counting consumption and solar production from March first forward until my next net zero anniversary end of February 2020.

I see no way to accomplish that.



OK, Thanks. The best you are going to do for now is the monthly arithmetic. From what I have seen on the forum, there are about 10 different flavors of additional billing reporting Sense has been asked to implement.