Sense issue reported on February 26 still not resolved

Sense issue reported on February 26 still not resolved.

Performed a data reset on the 26 of February and solar production was reading correctly but mains was reading backwards (have had this issue before). Someone from sense said they fixed it (mains is reading ok) but screwed up the solar production. Solar production shows zero on web app (both phases). On the ios app one phase for solar shows no reading at all, not even a zero! The other phase shows a negative reading exactly the same as one of the mains phases, but a negative reading.

Want to reiterate that this system has been working fine up until the reset. Getting a run around and no satisfaction at all. Can you please have someone look into this?

I use sense for keeping track of power used versus power sent to the utility and this outage is really screwing things up for that.

Thanks, Louie

I have had good luck with support and my solar issues. email them at

This is something that Support should be able to fix - if you email again, I can connect with someone on your ticket.

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Thank You, just sent the email you requested.

Justin, Thank You. Zach rectified the issue and all is working again. :slightly_smiling_face:


All thanks goes to Zach, he’s the best.

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