RESOLVED: Is Data Export not available at the moment?

It appears data export is not available at the moment. I have successfully downloaded previously, but can’t now. I’ve tried a variety of OS’s and browsers. I get a “successful” message at end of request, but no file downloads.


The same - web app claims success but no data file. says everything is up, but I guess export is a separate subsystem.

Same here. been attempting every day this year. Got jan 1,2,3 no downloads after 3rd day though Sense claims it did, Found this area wondering if we are only allowed so many download in a time frame ?? Just have had Sense install from Aug 22, 18 and love it! Had Ted 5000 for two years in parallel with my father. Both systems died within the same week. suspected built in obsolescence. No more money toward TED.
Brought both my sons a Sense system for xmas. 3 in the family. If you Kev are not getting data then I know it must not be me. wish it showed unit data use to four decimal places in the app I would not need to download as offten.

I have had no issues with “limited” downloads in the past, and I have done a bunch of big downloads for a bunch of days in a row prior to the start of the new year. Suspect it’s just a problem with that systems - perhaps a Y2019 issue.

Sorry to hear about the death of your TEDs, but glad you have moved to Sense. Nice presents for your sons !

Can understand your challenge with the app and web app only showing 1 decimal place of accuracy for kWh, but wouldn’t 4 decimal places be beyond the likely accuracy of the Sense probe. I’m guessing it’s only accurate to within a 1-2 Wh at best over a 1 hour period. So 3 decimal places would probably sufficient precision to offer max accuracy ?

Yeah, not working for me either. Just forwarded along to the web team. Thanks for reporting!

We pushed out a fix for this. Let me know if you’re still having issues.

Back to working… Yay !

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Working again! (After logout-login)


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