Restrictions on posts pending approval

Having come back to the forum after a few month hiatus, I’ve run into a frustrating interaction.

Since my new posts require approval, I’m not allowed to ‘edit’ or even ‘delete’ (so that I can edit and re-submit) posts until a moderator ‘approves/rejects’ the post.

Any chance of changing this behavior? Could you at least allow for us to ‘delete’ the post before its been approved, since you’re giing that big orange ‘DELETE’ button right underneath of it.
When I click the ‘delete’ button I’m told "You dont have permission to view that resource’.

Hey @surias.0. Appreciate you sharing this feedback. This issue has come up a few times, and although the restrictions meant to help new users within the community it seems to be doing the opposite. I’m going to touch-base with the community moderators and see if there’s any downside to changing this rule.

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