Splitting Topics Breaks Read Status


Figured I would throw this here as I’m not sure where else it would go, but I’m curious if others are having their unread status messed up when @RyanAtSense splits topics and rejoins them to others? I’ve found that if a topic is just split, everything is fine. But if a topic is split, and some of the posts are moved to an older topic, all of the moved posts become unread as part of the older / other thread. Its not the end of the world, but just bringing it up. Maybe something to be asked of the Discourse team if its bug or feature? I guess technically its feature as if you are following a thread, that thread got new content, but I feel like the read status should stay with the post, not the post regardless of what thread the post now belongs to.


Meta is right for this sort of post.

Unfortunately it’s just a byproduct of how threads get merged in the Discourse software. Moving posts tacks them on to the end of a thread, rather than interspersing them throughout in date order. There’s arguments to be made for both ways of doing things, but the latter seems like it would net even more confusion with posts out of order. Context would be entirely removed in that case (not that it doesn’t get a bit wonky when they’re just tacked onto the end). Really, I think the ideal solution here is for users (and that includes me!) to utilize the search feature and to stay on topic. Oftentimes some posts would be best as PMs or new threads.