Web Based Display pages cut in half

Since coming back on line after the May 1st to 2nd failure, now the web pages are all screwed up. (Please pardon the non-technical description). Some come up only filling the left half of the screen, some come up filling the whole screen where they used to fill a pane on the left only, the colours are now only black, the usage dates are folded back on top of the earlier dates, and on and on.
I have rebooted my computer but it is still the same. Any explanation or cure?

Oddly it just fixed itself! It seems that Sense has changed the display where it now says “Dashboard” instead of “Usage”. I bet that confused the system!

But - - I spoke too soon. On opening Sense again just now, it is back to the screwed up layout, as described above, again. What do others see?

Well, thank goodness it came back correctly on opening the app today. Thanks to the fixers, if there were some.