Sense Web UI ETA?


Any word on when the Web UI will be available?


Would love a web login to poke at the data.


Hi, thanks for the question - we don’t have a fixed ETA just yet, but it is just around the corner! We will definitely let you guys know once it is available via our official communication channels (email, social media, forum).


Really looking forward to this. Can’t wait to not being forced to look at everything on my tiny phone display compared to my 4k monitor. Will make exploring the power graph so much nicer! I am curious how the 2 finger pinch and stretch will be implemented in the web UI.


Mouse wheel. Zoom. (have to make 20 characters)


Hi Maarja-Liis,

Back on 1/20 you wrote the web version was right around the corner. Can you provide an update on how far around the corner you guys have gotten so far?


Hi, I just checked with our team regarding an update on this - will get back to you very soon!


Any update on this?


Hi, sorry to keep you waiting, but unfortunately we still don’t have an official date for release. We will let you know as soon as it has been confirmed.


It’s 4 months since the last update, I wondering if we are closer to a release date?


Hey @webcool, my apologies for not posting an update here. There have been several web app threads. A resource issue on our part has unfortunately stalled development on the web app. It is still something we are committed to and should be restarting development on in the near future. My apologies for the delay!

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