Strange looking timeline? Anyone else?


I looked at my timeline or graph once today around lunch and it looked a little strange.
Instead of semi transparent orange, it’s more like dots.
Edit: I uninstalled the app and reinstalled. It defaulted to white background. No it appears more bare than in the black. Notice that it looks correct when first opening the app, just for a second. Then it changes to blank.
Did I do something?
Looks tile everything else was right.
Just curious


If anyone runs into this, I just got it working again.
I had sense open on Microsoft edge on a laptop. I went tdon’t I see if the same things was happening there and it was, but worse.
All I did was close Edge (I have set to clear upon closing) and reopened. That did it on the web app and it was viewing correctly.
I then opened the IPhone sense app and viewing was working there also.
I don’t have any answers as to why this happened or how Edge was the culprit. Just glad it’s working.


I sometimes see something similar - especially when first starting up app/real-time Power Meter. Sense “paints” history from minutes before and starts posting real-time data, but leaves a gap in between. Sometimes Sense also struggles to update in real-time and only paints partial real-time data. Most times the gaps will eventually get filled, either with time, or with a rescaling of the waveform display (usually zooming out helps).


@kevin1, I thought it had been corrected but back to the same. Are talking about missing off the timeline completely? That’s not the case her but it does do as you say about the few seconds before showing and string up it opening the app is here it’s goes into dots and line for me.
Does not correcwt itself in time as far as I can tell