Time Line Bugs


Where’s the off?

Hey @Beachcomber - some issues, like the one your shared above, are best submitted via a Support ticket to support@sense.com so they can see what’s happening on the back-end and track it to see if it’s a widespread bug.

Looking at the photo, the Sense never detected it turning off, which is probably why you did’t get the timeline update or the off alert. The perfectly flat line for the second half of that signature is a giveaway that Sense “lost track” of the signature and eventually a cleanup algorithm stopped tracking it. But I imagine that a detected “off” vs the cleanup turning it off are two different kinds of off, and the alert only applies to a “detected” off.

What i’ve seen in the past is if you zoom in pretty close on your device signature to when it flatlines, then go back to your main timeline and go to the exact same time in the time line, you’ll find that something else happened there (usually AC, electric car, microwave) turned on at the same time and it caused Sense to lose track of the other device (Heat 2 in your case),

Since it looks like this is a newly detected device, hopefully in time it will get better at tracking the whole cycle and you’ll start seeing off’s.

Nope, they all pretty much have that pattern. Every single time.

And those ones with the flat line at the end have off’s in your timeline?

Actually those are prior to detection filled in after the fact, so no, they didn’t alert in real time.

And as it is coming on roughly every 12 hours for 20 minutes, 1 time today it did detect the off. The other time it did not.

Here’s around noon today.

Same flat line at end

All are very consistent in form

I’ve been having some timeline and off notification inconsistency recently too. I got worried when sense said my AC had been running for 13+ hours, but it winds up it just never saw the “off” event. It’s weird though that the bubble still thinks it’s off even once the device itself shows as off. That is where there should be a more immediate fix from Sense programmers. If the unit missed the off event, there’s no easy programming fix for that, but having the two off sections correlate to each other shouldn’t be difficult to do. Now which on/off status takes priority?

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