Device shows on long after it is off, counts affected

Been having this issue lately as seen in pic. My A/C will come on and then go off as it should but sense bubble still active at much higher W than what is being overall noted. Even with a quick off/on of A/C circuit breaker no affect. Only fix is to off/on Sense circuit breaker which I don’t like to do. Any thoughts on the issue? Has happened several times now over the last week or so, really throws off my numbers. Actually my basement lights Sense found does this all the time.

norenlaw…My only thoughts are… This is on your phone… I use a Android… Lots of times I find in order to gets apps to work properly, hit the 3 vertical bars in the lower right hand corner and close all apps. Then find the ‘Device Care’ app and tap on memory …and tap on 'Clean now (xxxx Mb or Gb)… This will, I believe free up any memory that may conflict in the current app you are trying to use. I do this just about every time I pick up my phone… Hope this helps…I’ll upload some screens if you need them…Gerry

This is most likely a Sense issue since the orange box determines on/off, not a running or not phone app. My AC has been doing the same thing lately, and it’s very clear in the timelines when Sense lost the AC detection. I wonder if something in the ML was updated and hurt AC detections. I have noticed my “furnace” turn on more recently, and I think that is actually the blower. So maybe they improved blower detection but now compressor detection worsened?