My AC and blower started showing up as "Other" today

It was showing up fine for days and all the sudden the devices show as On but they are falling under the “other” category now.

Hi @Rich45 - are the AC and Blower devices still showing as bubbles occasionally, or are grouped as “Other” every time they turn on now?

Hey Justin, it’s only occasionally. Seems like it’s settled back down now and reporting correctly. Must have just been an anomaly.

Same for me. Weirder yet is the data doesn’t even line up within Sense. I went to cool down the bedroom for sleeping, and Sense detected the AC turning on with 5,030w. However the AC device’s power meter only shows it using 2,070w. That does show the correct time on, but has a gap that does not fit with it being on for 32 minutes. Looks like my blower or another component hasn’t been detected or isn’t regularly detected anymore.

I have an issue where the AC would show as running, but not the blower. The other circle would be large, just moved my dedicated circuit monitoring to monitor my furnace and learned that consumes 15w always ON. My other seems to be a lot smaller now