Device status in bubble display does not match device timeline

I have seen this phenomenon with a few devices, but it’s most prominent with my “HVAC” device, which is a two-stage Trane central heat pump with a variable speed indoor fan. Background: this device was originally discovered last winter when it was in heat pump mode, and detection then was 100% rock-solid. Since then, we’ve switched to cooling mode. The power usage profile of this device is different in cooling mode: the fan ramps up to a different speed and at a different rate, and the refrigerant EEV behavior is causing the compressor load to be slightly different than when in heating mode. So, the device is detected less reliably, which is to be expected.

The weird thing I’m seeing is that the device bubble and on/off status indicator in the device list sometimes shows the wrong status for the device, despite sense actually properly tracking the status of the device as reported by the device timeline and the device-specific power meter display. So, the sense detection model is working properly, but the bubble display and on/off status is wrong. I’ve attached some screenshots showing this in action. I submitted a ticket for this, but they don’t seem to be getting the distinction between a weak device detection and the issue I’m describing.

Is anyone else seeing this?


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