Same device found 800+ times in 24 hours

Is anyone else seeing “found new device” continously showing up in the app/desktop? This is the same device that has now found and reported over 800 times since yesterday morning, I can’t get to the app due to having to “x” out each notification. It has also sent the same amount of emails, finally found the setting in the app to stop sending emails. Version is 1.44.36-0312183-release

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@ccaile , there’s another thread on the same issue here:

Sense acknowledged the issue via page yesterday but later message indicated it had been rectified. Apparently not.

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Not solved at all , still being flooded

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I am not seeing the issue with “Same Device found” repeating messages.

On 8/16/2023 at 8:00 AM CDT:
My monitor version is 1.43.34-9cfb45d-release
MY Android phone APP version is: 49.0-e85713be6 build 2285

Check and post your version releases. Your earlier post showed a version release later than mine. On Aug 14th, the SENSE status log shows the issue was resolved. Could a version release be the problem?