Samsung washer wave form parts

Samsung front load washer.
Model: WF42H5200AW/A2

I find the washing machine pattern very interesting. Sense has yet to detect it but I only see this pattern when I start a load.
I do have other things running atm. Coffee pot 3 TV’s Xbox and some lights etc. lol. But the washer standouts.

Ramp up.

Wash cycle.

Perhaps 9ne of these days I’ll track and watch the different cycles. :stuck_out_tongue:

SILVERNJA… Our Samsung washer… WF45N5300AW/US… does kind of the same thing… Sense picks it up I believe every time. I watch the bubbles and they cycle from 1 watt to about 95 watts as it washes and cycles back and forth. Don’t remember the spins. Can’t remember how long it took to pick it up. Hope this helps… Gerry