Screenshot display mode

  • When viewing the Mains Power Meter display (iOS/Android), tapping the central Power Meter button could toggle the live Solar and Mains wattages off and scale the waveforms to fill the available display. “Screenshot mode”. The button tap would also “freeze” the display and so not need updating.

  • In this mode, additional grid lines could be displayed to allow for easier scaling.

  • MIN/HR/DAY/WK/MO would not need to be displayed in this mode and so that display space could also be exploited.

  • Some indication to distinguish the Mains view from the Device view would also be beneficial

  • The Device Power Meter could stay the same and the central button behavior, opening the Mains Power Meter, could remain. Though it would be nice to have consistent “Screenshot mode” invocation in both the Mains and Device meters. A button press vs tap could be a way of achieving that.

  • In theory the portrait/landscape modes could invoke similar behavior. There is no nav bar in landscape mode for example. The problem with that method would be that you would then need to rotate the meter view to invoke that mode.


Adding another thought here for MIN/HR/DAY/WK/MO STEPPED scroll, not only applicable for aiding screenshots as it could be useful in general:

  • In Power Meter views keep existing methodology but add left/right buttons to jump back/forward a MIN/HR/DAY/WK/MO and align screen to that time period.

  • Tapping on time period X button while viewing time period X (i.e. a double-tap) could also do a realignment to that time period.

  • Addition of left/right buttons could be avoided if left/right scroll is modal based on the above. i.e. after a double-tap on DAY, which realigns to predominant DAY display 00:00-24:00, a left/right scroll will jump a whole day.