Current time hack display on power meter


Hi, I’d like to see current time persistently displayed in power meter when using in landscape mode. Currently, when using landscape, in bubble-mode there is no time display at all, and in graph/timeline-mode there are minute markers along the bottom of the graph but to see actual current time you have to swipe left to get a momentarily (about 1/4 second) displayed time hack.

I work from home and have my phone propped up in landscape mode on my desk so I can monitor usage and solar production real-time (yes, I’m a geek, and yes, I have OCD). Whenever I note an event, I immediately look for the current time so I can see the temporal displacement. I find it very frustrating that I have to swipe the screen, rotate the phone, or look for the time on another device, rather than just glancing at the corner of the screen.

Thanks and keep up the good work!