Mains contribution to the power meter

Now that the power meter is more prominent it will be helpful to identify the contribution from each individual main. Main 1 and main 2 could be distinguished by color or shade on the power meter graph. This can help in device identification including always on devices.

The device inventory can also be enhanced by recording the main to which each device is connected.


I can understand why that might be a future iteration. The added clutter (and processing?) is tricky to squeeze in.

Meanwhile a simpler (partial) implementation would be to get the Signals data (at minimum, per-phase wattage) onto the Power Meter interface. Troubleshooting mode.

A horizontal line midway along the display could provide a simple display of the main 1 contribution to the total.

What is trouble shooting mode?


Yes please! We’ve been asking for phases to be exposed in the UI for nearly the 2 years I’ve had Sense. :slightly_smiling_face:

Troubleshooting mode: Meaning that using a combination of the Power Meter and the Settings>Signals info is often what it takes to track down issues or trace devices. Having the Signals display (both phase wattages at least) in the Power Meter interface would be the simplest modification perhaps.

BTW: I have a “cheat” for this if you have spare Solar CTs. Get the Solar CTs measuring Main 1 (or 2) … that way the Power Meter will show you split phases (one as Solar).