Sense Combines Readings From Two Different Devices

My Sense gives a single usage reading for both my LG clothes dryer and my Samsung oven/stove. How do I separate them so that I get a reading for my LG dryer and a second reading for my Samsung oven?

I’m assuming that Sense is detecting the heating elements in each. Both are presumably
240V and maybe close in wattage. Two things to suggest:

  • Pick the device that is on most frequently and label the device as such in Sense. Once you have done that, every time you observe the other device popping up that bubble or alert, when the labeled device is off, click on the device that is falsely triggering the bubble or alert, then click on the gear in the upper right, flip to the manage tag and “Report and Problem”. That will give you the option to report that the “Device is not on”:

If you really want to see things get straightened out, set an alert and check/if wrong report, every time the Sense detects an on-signature.

  • Wait, since it will likely take a while for that feedback to propagate back through Sense’s training.
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As @kevin1 suggested, The “This device is not on” button is going to help.
This has happened a lot in my home and always with beating elements. Using that button one time is usually not enough to get it straightened out and it has always taken me at least three attempts.

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