Sense is calling my electric fireplace my my microwave?

Sense recognizes my microwave accurately, every time. Now that winter is upon us though I have started turning on my electric fireplace at night. Every time I turn it on, I get a notification that my microwave turned on. It is clearly not the microwave, as I am home alone and not in the kitchen. Is there a way I can tell sense it is wrong and this is not the microwave?


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thanks, I found it in the “report a problem” menu. I had never noticed it there before but I went in search of the “report device not on” after reading this and found it. :grin:

I’ve told Support about this before; there should never be a “hidden” button in an app, just a greyed-out button if that feature is not available at this moment.

This button “device is not on” only appears if the device is actually on when you click “Report a problem”. So if you have a device that is rapidly changing on and off (think an electric stove top), it’s a 50/50 chance that you’ll be able to click “device not on” when you click “report”…poor app design, IMO.

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