Sense *may* be showing a failing fridge here, too!


@BenAtSense - might want to have Alex or someone look at my data over the past few days. I only noticed things since I was home watching the baby today, but the fridge was running the entire time and our ice cream was melted :frowning:

Note - the power readings below don’t accurately represent the on/off cycle of the fridge since it was running when reported off - it just never stopped.

Service is coming out to look at it this week hopefully. Temp seems to be holding in the meantime.


Hey Nick,

Thanks for the heads up. Have you thought about submitting a report to HomeCheck ( Just sends the information right over to our data science team for them to take a look and potentially try to automate detection around.


Wasn’t quite sure how to do that, so thanks for pointing me in the right direction!


Was there a change in temp? Like if this was in a garage…


Nah - it turned out to be a crap ton of dog hair. Vacuumed/blew it out and we’re good. Glad you followed up, it’s about time for some preventive maintenance.


There have been a few user stories like this. I’m starting to think I should clean out the vents on my fridge…


Do you have long hair dogs? My wife has two. We’re commonly inundated with dog hair, especially in the fall and spring.


I have a “short” hair cat, but he’s an exotic shorthair so pretty much a long hair. It’s awful. I’m scared to look at the fridge vents. The central air filters get pretty disgusting in even a month.