Sense meter export

Does anyone know how to export the sense meter data? I’d like to get minute by minute data into a spreadsheet.

I’m trying to size a whole home generator and want to see my max usage in the last 3 years as well as my average usage, how often I use in certain usages levels and the % of the time I hit my top 10 usages

Most of the time you only wanna run a generator at 50% max usage but occasional spikes will happen just need your max output to be below the max generator output.

I can’t figure a good way to do this and don’t wanna scroll minute by minute over the last 3 plus years and type every minute down. It would take way too much time

While I can’t answer your export question, be aware of statements like this from companies selling generators. Light loads on generators shorten their lifespan. Typically 50-100% load is recommended with 70 as the sweet spot. Companies always try to sell bigger is better, don’t bite. Do your own research but here’s a couple links for ya.

Most generators for homes are Generac. So here’s an article from them saying 75-80 is optimal.

I have a generator myself (installed this year) and thankfully the propane company warned me of these poor sales tactics before I bit the bullet. Larger also means wasted propane and wasted money.

You can get hour interval energy data for each entire year of your history using the export button on the Trends page of the web app. If you want more granular energy or power data you have two choices.

  1. use the informal API to sample data to a database of your own choosing. If you run Home Assistant, there’s a built-in integration to do it. But that would only be useful for forward going data.
  2. Leverage the app Power Meter to display the history you want, and try to swag the value you are looking for from the display.

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I would point out you should look for a 1800 RPM Generator instead of a 3600 RPM typical Generac Residential Generator.