Sense showing spikes in energy consumption up to 20K kWh

And Then sense shows me using more than 20k, kwh at one time!

Previously it was 10k, Kwh, which makes sense to me.

2 ac, pool pump, plus my always on, of about 1k

It was doing the ‘all time high thing’ but I don’t see how it could get to 20k, Kwh…

Your message isn’t completely clear - where were you seeing the 20kW usage ? In the Power Meter ? In an alert for an ‘all time high’ ? Since kW represents short term power, not energy usage, you could briefly have 20kW spikes when big motors start up. You might also want to go to Settings > General and turn on Sense Labs. That will give you one more menu item on top that allows you to see if Sense has detected any motor stalls. Those can sometimes cause big power spikes…

Flick this and you’ll get the little lab/beaker icon on the upper right.

Click it and you’ll see if you have any motor stalls.

Good call @kevin1.

@JustinAtSense … seems to be a case for a notification: “Hey, we see you are getting some significant energy spikes that may indicate issues that Sense Labs was built to analyze. Do you want to activate Sense Labs and get to the root of the issue?”

@ixu I believe there will eventually be a Sense Labs specific notification a user will receive in their timeline if we see there’s a motor stall, etc. I do like the separate idea for a power spike notification (even if we don’t register it as a stall on our end).

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Now I have had a 30K all time high notification…

This has got to be some strange anomaly, right?

Does this correlate with when your at-home usage would be highest? Example of some devices that might contribute to an all-time high usage notification: pool pump, A/C, washer and dryer running can impact this. If you notice this is at a time where things are not running, there could be an issue here. To @kevin1 point - do you see any notifications in Sense Labs in-app (particularly, Motor Stalls?)

Not under ‘normal circumstances’

At the time I got the 20K Spike and then 30K Spike, it’s not possible that ‘everything’ was running and/or ‘starting up’

What about ‘brown outs’ do what know what that does?

We have had a few of those due to the Heat, and we had an earthquake here, a few days back, and power ‘blinked’ but didn’t go out.

Hm, @joesantanapersonal - have you looked at Sense Labs yet? You should be able to see brownouts in the Power Quality section of Sense Labs (and whether or not we have detected a Motor Stall in your home.)

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A 30kW peak can come from a few sources:

  1. A single heavy consumer of electricity on top of a relatively high baseline. I have an EV that charges around 20kW. Add in a couple of AC units running and I’m over.

  2. A smaller baseline with the spike from a big motor that has a big initial load / stall and possibly with a blown start-up capacitor.

I’m betting on the second for you.

I had a weird spike on July 23rd show up that read 141,616w but pretty sure is was a glitch