Sense Wiki


The sense team should build a wiki or knowledge base. As more new users join the community they ask questions that have been answered many times before. An example question would be “What do if my Sense hasn’t downloaded the latest firmware update” answer: “wait for a few days, firmware updates happen overnight and will retry themselves. If you don’t have the firmware after 3 days contact support”. This is just an example but each week there is a large repetition of questions that could easily be answered through some type of knowledge base.


We do have a pretty deep Knowledge Base here:

I’d love to know if you looked around on the site but couldn’t find it? And we’re in the process of making some overhauls of it, so please feel free to make some suggestions.


I never tried looking for it but we should start directing users there when asking repetitive questions, get us in the habit of using it for self-service. It may help to clean up the forum so there aren’t 10 threads of users asking about training their sense unit.


I definitely think some better integration of that knowledge here would be useful in the form of FAQs and hopefully mitigate some of the repeat threads. I’m also making it a point to actively merge new threads with prior threads of the exact same topic. That said, I think there is some benefit to repeat questions. Sense is still a new product and sometimes what was true a couple months ago has changed.

I would love to know what other posters here think.