Senseless Sense, a time waster

After 10 months, we only have a few appliances that have been identified and identified correctly. For those senseless ones such as fridge 2, heater 3, stove 4…, I tried over time to correlate which one is one but with little success. And there are vacuum, vacuum 1, vacuum 2… but ours and our only one is Li-ion portable one! I was excited with your new technology and had high hope… now I would not recommend this product!

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Have you spoke to support?

They can be very helpful, but you need to reach out.

I’m at the opposite end of the spectrum than you with 18 detections
in 16 days. I have completely lost one so have 17 showing now on
my device page.
I too had some time I wouldn’t recommend sense but that has changed
my reason was also different and has been corrected by Ryan@Sense.

I don’t know your setup or the reason why most have such terrible detection
rates. Maybe we all have different firmware or something. Have you considered
resetting and starting over? You should probably talk to support about it but
it’s slow getting answers unfortunately.
I’m just thinking of what I would do if in your shoes and saw this brand new user
with such a fast detection rate.

This definitely sounds abnormal. I would do as @oshawapilot suggested and reach out to Support. There could be something as simple as a WiFi or installation issue that’s causing issues.

Why would WiFi cause the issues cyrusxi
Is having?

If Sense is not staying connected, it won’t get updated device models.

There’s more to it than that, but I’m not an expert there.

As you see, I haven’t had any dropouts for last couple days

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I submitted the request of support and did receive email reply of sort of standard acknowledge, saying they will get back to me. Beside waiting for a tech support to reach me, there is a phone number to call or an online support person?
BTW, when I get to this forum through the app, clicking on the reply will kick me back to the metering page. Therefore I am doing this on my laptop.

Another frustrating thing with Sense is that I kept hearing that it is not effective with any user assisted device identification, rather just waiting for the magic to happen. If I shut down everything, and switch one at a time. On the step of the metering chart, I should be able to click and to submit the type of device. One would think such a feedback should help the algorithm to calibrate and to improve the device identification model…
Also Sense is not moving fast enough to provide customers greater values. In a competitive world, data are worthless unless they are translated into the values - be it saving, insight, convenience, or behavior change…
In short I felt bad about this product, a great technology and great idea but values are not tapped, and opportunities will be lost.
I do hope Sense is listening, unless it is senseless :slight_smile:

These threads might be helpful for some background info:

The community here will be happy to help ID some “mystery” devices if you have detection operating reliably for a device but don’t know what it is. If you have mystery devices that haven’t turned on since they were originally ID’d, I would recommend deleting them so that Sense takes another stab at identification with a new/better model.


Agreed, and thank you for quoting those thread @pswired. The forum is a very large and detailed resource for many questions, concerns, and issues members may have, but one has to actually find the threads and read them to get the answers before posting. :grinning:

The key thing that many new Sense users need to remember is that you cannot rush the process, and you need to have a lot of patience, especially during the first few months.

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My experience is much the same. I have a couple of dozen devices identified, but the identities are not that reliable, especially with things that have similar signatures, like space heaters, under floor heaters, gutter heaters, and so on. Things with motors are often confused with each other, even though they were originally identified correctly. I have had my sense device for over a year and a half, and I still have things that are not totally reliable, never mind the fact that during that same time, Sense has not yet “discovered” my Chev Bolt EV. I expect some of these things will sort out in time, but the complexity of picking something out of the myriad signatures that are my home is presently too much for Sense. Nevertheless, I really love the device. There are some things that are useful and cannot really be obtained any other way than having every device hooked up wirelessly to the internet. For example, Sense tells me when my oil burner is operating, and when my hotdawg heater in my garage is burning. This is really useful when I am away from home for extended periods in the winter. I can see that these devices are turning on satisfactorily, by looking at their signatures, and so I know that the heat is on as it should be during cold weather. I use security cams to double check against sense, as they allow me to hear the oil burner, and hotdawg heater come on, even though i may be 2000 miles away.

So, the device is really useful. It has its flaws, but its advantages outweigh the flaws.