Share breaker

I used a old double pole breaker from an under sink heater no longer used to install sense. Im now about to install an outlet under the sink using the existing wire and only hook up to one leg of the double pole breaker.

My question is would it be OK to have sense share a breaker? Will it cause any issues?

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A dedicated breaker for the Sense unit is highly recommended! An alternate installation may result in unpredictable operational anomalies.

Other skilled users may be able to provide examples of more specific technical considerations!

Check your local electrical code as I don’t believe using one pole of a double breaker is allowed. Double pole breakers are usually 30+ amps which isn’t allowed for a single pole receptacle. You should be able to leverage the existing wire you have but you should install a new breaker with the appropriate amperage. If you don’t have an open slot in your panel see if you can install a twin breaker.

It’s a 20 amp breaker. They were used for baseboard heaters I don’t use anymore. From what I’m reading as long as wired correctly can use one leg with neutral correctly connected to neutral bar.

My concern is if it will affect the sense by being tied to same breaker. My panel box is full. And I do not believe this qo will accept tandem breakers.

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