Since I can't remember.....check with Sense

Sort of a work from home story…
Our home has 6 ceiling fans, each ceiling fan has little light bulbs,some have 4 lights on them others have 3. Some are 40 watt bulbs, some are 60 watt bulbs. Since these little incandescent bulbs burn out quickly I was replacing them with LED bulbs which are cheap enough going from 180- 240 watts to the same amount light using 15-25 watts. I thought I did all of them…
The seldom/never used dining room has a ceiling fan light and since my wife is now working from home it went from seldom used to frequently used.
I was checking out usage when she first started working from home taking into account she is running a laptop , monitor,etc. but one day the usage dropped in the morning- she turned off the ceiling fan lights, a quick check using the Sense app confirmed that I never changed those to LED. I have since swapped those out for LED since they can now be on 6-10 hours per day.

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Very smart move! You won’t have any regrets by making that replacement. Keep taking those steps, toward controlling your energy-world.