Siri Shortcuts




Didn’t know if this was mentioned already, but I think that all iOS users would benefit from implementing some Siri shortcut actions. For instance I could ask what’s my home’s current energy usage and Siri could tell me what that is by asking the sense app. It could just basically tell us all of the common things like current usage, day usage, month usage, and if you really wanted to get crazy could tell if devices are active or not. I think that this would be a HUGE benefit for Sense iOS users.



Definitely a good idea. We do offer this functionality through Amazon Alexa, if you’ve got any of those at home in the meantime.


I want this too


I do but unplugged it due to random talking / scary laughing…


I just setup my Sense and was looking for this exact same functionality. Count me as a +1 on this.


@RyanAtSense any updates on this :smiley:?


Not at this time, no. But we did recently release a Google Assistant integration! Hopefully we will be able to get to iOS soon and claim victory over the whole platform trinity :grinning: