Smart plug typical standby current not reflected in “Always On” current estimate

I have a desktop computer system UPS plugged into a kp115s smart plug. There are a couple of always on devices also plugged in there (printer, etc). When the computer is off, the current draw is a consistent 60-65 watts. I have set the ON/Standby threshold to 80w and that seems to work great indicating when the computer system is REALLY on. What is puzzling me is that the current draw listed for that plug in the Always On is only ~9w. Why not something closer to the real always on current of 60w?

Click down into the Pro Tools UPS device and take a look at the device Power Meter for that smart plug. You might see a few places when the power drops well below 60-65W. 15 min of power around 9W over the past 24 hours will be enough to drop the Always On to 9W.


Thanks, I think the “Always On” was giving a false average, taking into account all the on and offs of the initial setup two days ago. 48 hours later, the “Always On” is now showing ~ 49watts while the realtime device reading is bouncing around 55-65 watts. Things just needed to settle down.

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A good rule of thumb is to give Always On 2 days to recalculate and settle down if you make any changes.