So little action on the forum

I look through forum posts some relevant to me some not just so I can get an idea of the best practices using Sense
But there is very little input.
I don’t see much after 2022 and nothing except my posts in 2023

Is anyone still posting?

The subreddit /r/Sense/ is more active. Give that a shot.

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I was just thinking the same thing… I’m deploying quite a few sense units to customers, I sure hope Sense is sticking around.

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@pir8radio , from what I can tell, a big part of the enhancement and infrastructure action is on the meter and integrated panel work. You can kind of see it on the Utilities part of the Sense website.

The highlight there is 3.3M committed Sense-enabled meters for various utilities.

Then there is the Square D panel as well. You’ll notice the Sense UI with a few extra features.

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Let’s hope!

New sense user and increasingly frustrated.
I keep getting the “zero output” / “Negative mains” issue crop up.

I go flip the current probes and days later… Zero again.
Even done a data reset.

id anyone has a thread, blog, article or whatever that might help I am all ears.

Fundamentally though this isn’t that complicated. Just current probes… Baffled why this comes up. -blarg!